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It is the month of March and I decided to update this site. I said I would do it regularly, but I guess I haven't done shit since I put up this cookie cutter lookin thing. Don't blame me, I swear I thought I was doing a good job. This will officially be the first online issue of THE VODKA KRONICLES. It is so funny because I even forgot how to do this. It isn't hard, only semi.

What's New?
I have been reading every Edith Wharton novel ever written. I have this class at CSULB and my teacher decided he wanted to have The House of Mirth, Ethan Frome, The Touchstone, Madame de Treymes, and about five other novels and novellas on the itenerary, but the funny thing is I don't mind. I actually like this shit, man. Good stuff. Mostly about old New York and Paris high scoiety at the turn of the 20th century. I am glad someone said it. The high society had it rough back in the day. Opera box seats, the men running around on their boring wives, who play bridge, and surround themselves with cute young intellectuals. The "Who's Who" of carraige and sleigh days.

Portals Literary Anthology
I am in another one. The last one Sillouettes must of gone over real well. I am in another PoetWorks Press anthology called Portals. Here is the poem that will be in print in a few months. Maybe, next month, I don't know?

List of Memories
The front porch
One cement step into the doorway
The hugging tree
Where we took our picture
I was a hula dancer
Not just for Halloween
The iron on the table too long
The burn mark black and smooth
Seseme Street
I learned my ABC's
Pretending to be dead
On the front lawn
Roller skating, rice candies, ruby rings
The man in the moon; I screamed for you
Katie and Cubby, Judy and David
My mortal friends
Sent away
Moving into unfamiliar surroundings
The burn mark came with us
The table remains the same

Clink-Clink Business
Red sharp glass
For a red sharp girl
Red sharp knife
Gonna cut something
Red sharp...

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"Tonight I can write the saddest lines." ~Pablo Neruda