The Vodka Kronicles

Hey bartender, may I have another?

I'm at this show. Where am I? Oh, the Key Club on Sunset in Hollywood (darling) and I'm watching Greg Graffin sing like a mother fucker, and this chick starts practically strangling me to sit over the side of the railing where I'm at. I start pushing her because below us about ten feet is the floor. So, she's struggling and strangling and I'm pushing and pulling pretending to make her fall. Finally around, "I curse the day..." she's apologizing with something on her breath. Then this guy behind me is pushing his fat ass into me, so I say what the FUCK! He's like, if I get outta control don't mind me, I'm just drunk. So, I grab his drink and say, what the hell is this? Gimme a sip. And I shove back to him and then I grab the girls drink next to me and start sipping on it. Both of them are on this Jack and Coke thing, so I shove 'em back without a thank you. I know Ken would like these little nippers, but not for me, man, I needed some VODKA.

This photo isn't very clear, obviously, but I have this new digital camera that has this setting that takes pictures through windows. You don't see the flash throught the window, but the picture turns out kind of cool. It also makes things turn red and a little freaky deaky. Satin-like. Not that I'm one of those, you know. Check out the cool pictures on the Vodka Homepage. The photo on this page of the lady is on Alamitos and 7th Street in Long Beach. I don't live in that city, but go to school there. I see some characters on my way. I took this picture of Lady Luck over my sholder through my back window in my little silver Toyota pick-me-up. Did someone say, Pick Me Up? Go to ASH JUICE for that; anyway, I live in Redondo Beach now. I moved around a lot this year. I went from Murrieta to Hermosa BizACH to San Pedro and back to Redondo. I say back to because it is right by Hermosa where I started out here in Los Angeles. Just Ask the Fonte, he knows. What is my point, remember, I don't know? Oh! I know what I was going to say, I call this photo of Lady Luck, The Over the Shoulder Boulder Manover. Doesn't make sense? Precisely.

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"...everyone got mad at me because I didn't know who he was or what he did."
~Charles Bukowski "TROUBLE WITH SPAIN"