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Bologna Ain't No Substitute

Sex is key lime pie
Sweet reads: Return to sender
Therefore, I crave bologna like chocolate
Salty rubbery bologna
Smile a slice
They are a dime a dozen
Then remember
The infatuated little Flower
Smell his desire
Nose in the air, batting eyelashes
Cross your hands
Cross your knees
Sit up like a cherry with
Whipped cream on top

I enjoy comments, suggestions, inquiries and any other words you have to offer. Thank you for reading!

I will be periodically updating my site with new writing, art, and other interesting stuff that will keep you coming back. I am a serious writer and will be a landmark in my time. I don't mean to sound cocky or self-absorbed, but when you know, you just know. I still have a lot to learn, being young and all. I have a lot to teach as well. I think writers are inspired, but that natural ability to show life in the form of a poem or short story is there. I know a lot of people will like my prose, but there will be those who don't. I think they are jeolous and/or have a different sense of style. That's fine, but don't criticize out of being pissed off at your own inabilities. I question if people will study this crap in twenty years from now, of course they will. We are in a time where we know what is right and what is wrong, at least for ourselves. I know how to be rude and I know how to be sincere becasue it is something we don't have to question anymore. We know what choices to make and the outcome of these choices. I hope everyone just tries to live life in truth, be real. This is real.

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"Much of what we brought we didn't need." ~Priscilla Becker, THINGS I HAVE DECIDED SINCE