Below are important links
for all kinds of artists from writing to reading to watching movies.

I can always make out the characteristics of people by the links they suggest. Obviously these are their favorite links. Maybe some links are there to show off ones knowledge or pretend one is more well-rounded than we think, but hey! Everyone has his preference. Who am I to judge? Do you judge people by the music they listen to or don't listen to? Well, maybe. Anyway, check out some of my favorite links because I am just here to bring my pleasure to you. Just because I go to the Epitaph Records website doesn't mean I soley listen to Punk Rock. Just because I link to doesn't mean I spend all my time watching movies, well maybe I do, but that is beside the point. What is my point? I don't know.

In any old glass with ice
add the following:
1/2 part Kettle One Vodka
1/2 part Tonic Water
1 squeeze fresh lime juice
Shake a bit, don't spill
and drink up. Not too many.
The last part is just a

Free Writer Website!
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Epitaph Records
Check out my favorite record label. They have many great bands that tour all over the US and Europe as well. Pennywise, Deviates, and new recruits 1208 are all apart of this big happy Punk Rock family. I enjoy seeing updates, news, new releases, upcoming releases, and tour information.
Another great place for new and experienced writers to publish their poetry, fiction, screenplays, and artwork online. The nice layout of this site will intrigue readers and keep them coming, since it is updated nicely and regularily.
Film Monthly
This is a great new site started by Jon Bastian, Del Harvey, and Andy Walton. They have, "Reviews, commentary, and regurgitations on film, video, television and popular culture. Published monthly." If you would like to write an article for them go to the link above and contact one of the publishers. First look over the site and see what they offer. They also have a music section called FM SOUND. enjoy!
Poets & Writers Magazine
If you haven't seen this magazine on the shelves of Barnes & Noble or Borders then check out their website. I was amazed when I brought this to school and a lot of my classmates had never seen it before. It is a magazine with high quality articles about authors, types of writing, and amazing stories about new writers coming to life. It has more than this, of course, including MFA programs, where to submit your work, what publishers are looking for, and writer's services. Check them out.
Internet Movie Database
This is a great place to check out full information about your favorite movies or ones you have no idea about. It tells intricate details about who wrote the film, directed, and starred in it. It gives you suggestions if you like a certain film it will recommend another film for you to check out. It is good for research and knowledge of movies.
Writer's Relief, Inc.
This is a site for writers with problems. We all have problems, but not the psychological problems. It is a submission service. You send in you manuscript(s) and they will practically query to publishers and agents for you. They target your market and ciculate your work at all times. No more SASE.
Poetry Contest
Submit your poetry and win . Send 20-30 pages of poetry with one poem per page and a reading fee; you may get a chapbook published! Check out the site for guidelines.
Deadline March, 2002.
Self Publishing Really Works Try Morris Publishing
First order their free strp-by-strp guide. They give you prices up front and everything you need to get started--only 200 books to start.

PoetWorks Press
Check out this great press for new and established poets. They have anthologies, need submissions, and publish single author books anually.
Catalogue of Titles
This is the link to all PoetWorks Press books. You can find In The Company of Women, Southern Breezes, and many others.
Book Order Form
Go straight to the order form and buy these books now. You can purchase a recent anthology or any of the books by single authors. Portals is an anthology coming out soon, so be waiting for this new edition to the family.
This is the anthology that features over 40 poets from around the country and has one of my poems in as well. I am very excited to see this book come to life. It was published in October 2001 and is ready to be putty in your hands. A great gift for yourself, Christmas, friends, family, and even an aspiring or established poet in your life.

The above links are for your enjoyment. They are all Copyrighted, the rights are reserved to each publisher. I hope you take pleasure in them as much as I do.

Honoria says, "We've got lots of things. And we're not rich any more, are we?"
Charlie responds to his daughter, "We never were. But today you are to have anything you want."
~F. Scott Fitzgerald BABYLON REVISITED