The Vodka Kronicles

Photo Gallery

Photos of the things that mean a lot to me. Not everything that means a lot to me is up here, but some of these things are. Things, things, things...Music, Manny, My friends, Buddy, My project (the Kronicles) and Vodka, man. I hope you check this shit out. Some of these photos are new and some you may have already seen, but absorbed them just the same.


Crazy show at Suzy's on the 2nd of March that got a little out of hand. Not by the music or the fans, but by the security and po-po. This show was great, Brian Barbara here, but I was dissappointed in the fact that they kicked out all of the under 21 crowd, which was the most important crowd.
Manny on the drums

The best drummer on earth, 'cept for Freeze among others, but he is pretty damn hot. I need to get a recent picture of his clasic '70's punk rock bluish-green mohawk he has right now, but he is with his band 1208 at the Vans show in Tahoe, so maybe later...

Come 'Ere

Bryan and Alex, Alex and Bryan, Two peas in pod.

Crayon Alex

at the Key Club on Sunset in Hollywood. Can you see it? Or as Morrisson would say, Can you dig it?
My Baby

Someday this will be a famous journal of all kinds of shit. Who knows? Maybe it'll be just for my self distributed world-wide in my bedroom.

And of course, Buddy, we all love the cuddly little Buddy boy. You can call him Boodums if you want to.

Vodka Tonic, Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Shrimp, Vodka Dog biscuit, Vodka Vodka...