The Vodka Kronicles

Music Studio

One of my favorite bands comes from the SouthBay. 1208 is the name and fuckin rockin is the game. I love bands like the Vandals, Bad Religion, the Velvet Underground and solo acts like David Bowie and Iggy Pop. But, these guys are new and fresh straight from the garage. Alex has a way with words that are poetic almost epic telling a story through song and music. Neshawn, although the hearthrob of them all (not that this should be a reason to suck), but he rips on the guitar. Just because they sound similar to some bands like Pennywise and the Deviates doesn't mean they don't have their own edge. The songs are very catchy and should be played on the radio for everyone to indulge. I hope they blow up and make better music as they progress and mature over time because they certainly have all the ingredients for a great piece of ass! Just kidding, I mean piece of cake. No piece of melody, yeah, that's what I mean.

Inside the Music of 1208

It sure is tight in here
Alex leaning and listening

Hello, I am Alex and I like to lean with my guitar. I listen to my bandmates and we make music together.

Alex, Bryan and Neshawn

HIgh Pitch Screaming


Manny plays in his Boxers

"Lies that Lie"~Alex Flynn